Prosperity aims to help you achieve your organizational goals. Our services can be catered to municipalities, townships, economic boards, commercial and community developers. Whether you are looking for funds to increase your offerings, or a grant to help fund your project, Prosperity can give you the professional guidance needed to bring your vision to fruition.


REDLG and IRP: USDA intermediary lending programs - creates a revolving fund for rural businesses looking to expand, create jobs, create conservation practices and more at an incredibly low interest rate.


Funding Searches: Expand your community offerings by investing in one of our funding searches. See how Westfield Washington Township used our funding search to develop a strategic plan. 


For Trade Associations: 

Are you interested in discovering available funding opportunities for your constituents? Your members can also benefit from receiving this comprehensive overview of industry funding and incentives. Receiving a funding search encourages your members to continue pursuing projects, resulting in expanding operations and increasing profitability.

As the commissioning organization, you can increase the value of your membership by expanding benefits for an affordable price. 

Read about Indiana Pork's experience working with us.