We leverage our valued partnerships to aid our client’s projects. Prosperity Ag stands apart from other grant writing companies because of our relevant industry connections, which allow us to create the best grant application, and collect the most current grant research. We also help clients simplify the project process by connecting them with dependable project developers, local utilities, state resources, and universities.



By utilizing resources offered by universities, our clients can take advantage of multiple opportunities that would not have been available otherwise.

Utility Companies

A client's local utility provider can provide assistance in both technical and incentive-driven aspects. Relying on years of connections and established relationships, Prosperity can direct a customer to the right representative. 

Project Developers

With so many options available, Prosperity has established a list of reliable and dependable project developers who have continually gone above and beyond for our clients and their needs.

Government Entities

Our connections extend to grant agencies as well as state professionals. We ensure we have prepared the best application by collaborating directly with government officials.

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