Agricultural producers and farmers can qualify for funding sources that can increase profits by saving money, expanding product lines, and reducing energy costs. View our most popular grant programs below to see how funding is helping farmers and producers around the country.


Rural Energy for America Program: Want to lower your energy costs? Need an energy efficient grain dryer upgrade? Through this USDA grant, rural small businesses and farms are eligible for a 25% project expense reimbursement with this program.

Learn more about the program and see how Prosperity client, and grant winner, Don Thompson, plans to improve his farm with a REAP solar project.


Value-Added Producer Grant: Develop and expand your operations with the USDA Value-Added Producer Grant.

  • Planning Grant

    • Develop a marketing or business plan

    • Invest in a product expansion feasibility study

  • Working Capital Grant

    • Implement your new expansion

    • Put that marketing plan to work